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About the Championship

Welcome to register for the first schack Online individual Championship ever!

Below follows the conditions for participation and a brief description of the championship tournament process:

(1) To participate you must have played a minimum of 20 chess games at s O.

(2) Only one user name is allowed and the one you register with now must be used if you decide to participate in forthcoming championships.

(3) All means of chess assistance are allowed, including chess engines.

(4) All games in the tournament will be played without affecting your s O rating. The time limitations are set for 30 days for each player to end the game (if both players uses this to a maximum, the total time consumed for the whole game thus will be slightly less than 60 days).


When the registration time has expired all the players are divided in 5 classes according to their rating from A to E. Class A will include the highest rated and class E the lowest.


Each class is divided into groups of 9 players each(with an even rating spread between the groups). Here the first round is played - the participants within each group all play each other..


The two most successful players within each group advances to the group semi finals. In this second round these players are divided into groups within their class with an even average rating spread where all meet each other and the best advances in a fashion similar of that in step 1. In addition, all those who have come in first and second places in their groups in step one are promoted to the next class in the next championship, while those who have come in eighth and ninth places will play the next championship in the class below the one they played in this one.


The highest placed in the semi group finals meet each other in the final of their class and the winners become class champions. The winner of class A will be appointed as the first s O Championship Master in history!

Throughout the championship the same rules for a system of distinction will be used when two or more players have scored the same individual points within a group:

1) Result of the game(s) between the players in question 2) Best result versus the other players in the group in the order where they are placed 3) The highest number of games won 4) The player playing the black pieces in the game(s) mentioned in (1)

(6) Exactly how long the Championship will take from start to finish is impossible to say, but the duration of each step will not exceed 2 months. No class will begin step 2 before all the other classes have finished step 1, the same goes for step 2 in comparison to step 3.

(7) Finally, bear in mind that your registration is irrevocable, so you should not register if you don't have the time to participate

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